Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crossroads and Life's Journey

I am at a crossroads. Searching the internet for inspiration and support, I could not find any travelers that shared a parallel journey. Consumed by the trappings of a conventional life (at least a feeble attempt at it), I had gotten lost. The obscure path that I tried to follow was not well marked and the map I had was not clear. The map started in the early 50’s. The current maps label a 50’s baby a Boomer. That label is not on my map. My graduation from high school in ’69 in California leaves many with the impression that I was a hippie. However, I missed that fork in the path. I lived in a family that could be the template for dysfunctional. My brother did give me an opportunity to live vicariously through him. This blog is a travel log for my current journey and an attempt to find those with a parallel journey. Perhaps we can help each other find and stay on our paths.

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