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Anat Hoffner-Raccah discovered my blog and wrote to me on March 23, 2012.  Located in Israel, where my grandfather’s brother Paul fled to, she introduced herself, “I am the grandaughter of Paul Löwy, the brother of your grandfather Fritz (Fred).”  Anat is preparing an exhibition of Paul Löwy’s work.“  My great-uncle was a renowned puppeteer.
She shared memories of a trip she and her mother took to Czechoslovakia a few years before her mother, Eva, passed away in 1994.  In Eger, they visited the family house, Carlsbad, where her mother was born and grew up.  They saw “beautiful Prague” and she met Lili Pavlova, daughter of the sister of our grandfathers.  Anat says, “Lili was one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and we were in close contact until she died.”  Anat and Eva also went to Theresienstadt and saw the documents regarding Eduard Löwy.  There is a stone in his memory funded by George Weiss, husband of Trudi Löwy.

Update from Anat:Paul Löwy (Loewy)'s Israel exhibition will be open on the 23rd of July.

The result of the exhibition in Cheb was a biography of Paul Löwy  on the Museum of Cheb website:
Paul's Biography

Paul Löwy 7th October 1891 (Eger/Cheb) - 9 June 1970 (Tel Aviv), 

puppeteer, teacher, founder of Puppet Theater

Paul and Sister

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